Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Long Days

I drove 700km today, and got paid for it! And, I got to drive a new Dodge Dakota SLT. What a nice truck. I think I blew the speakers though.
One of the nice parts about my job is that from time to time I get to leave the confines of the office and go on the road for a day or two for some site meetings. Due to the economics of things, it's actually cheaper to rent a car for these things rather than using my own, which is fun. In the past few months I've driven a VW Golf, VW Jetta, Sebring, Silverado, Ford Freestar, and the Dakota. My favorite so far has to be the VW Golf.
It was a cold, cold morning in January, and I was leaving Peterborough at 6AM, so the sun wouldn't be coming up for some time still. The beauty of this particular car was that it had heated seats. There is nothing like getting into a fridig car, and sitting on a warm seat. Seriously, every car in Canada should come with this feature. I'm willing to put money on it that everyone, when pressed on the subject, would want one, right from the granny in her echo to the hardened contractor driving his big dodge ram. It's like sitting around a camp fire on a cold August night, and standing up and warming your butt on the fire after it's been seated on a cold rock or log or stump or something for a couple hours.
I love the simple things in life. Like good food, or a hike, or a guitar that's in tune already when you pick it up to play.


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