Friday, April 15, 2005

So, in the picture below of downtown Peterborough, you can see a clump of homes on a peninsula of sorts, on the middle right hand side of the picture. A couple weeks ago a house was for sale in there, and I nearly jumped at it. It'd be such a cool place to live. The lake on one side, and then downtown across the bridge on the other. I'd be able to walk to work using said bridge and following the train tracks to the other side of the picture in under 10 minutes. I'd get back in shape, and possibly, just maybe, make a dent in the 1 tonne challenge.
...I just ran a spell checker on this post, and Peterborough isn't found in blogger's dictionary. However, featherbrained, their suggested word is. Small town Peterborough isn't really that insignificant, is it?


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