Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lake Placid

Note: I was doing some housekeeping on my blog and found a post that I had saved but never published. It's from a few months back, so it's not too current. Anyway, here it is.

I went to Lake Placid for a few days between Christmas and New Years. I needed a change of pace, a change of scenery, and some adventure. My good friend Carlo joined me in the journey.

Lake Placid is a winter paradise. If you like winter and winter-ish activities, it's the place to be. There's snowshoeing trails, cross country skiing trails, downhill skiing, snowboarding, skating, and a whole host of Olympic type activities. We nearly went bobsledding, but decided to spend the money on food and beer instead. It was a good choice.

One of the lessons learned in this trip was how to walk out of a restaurant after looking at the menu, if it's not the place you want to be. We endured a horrid breakfast the first morning and made a point of only eating at places that we were sure would give us what we wanted. We were, after all, on vacation, and to be treated like royalty. I'm not really a pretentious snob, but when I'm paying almost $10 for breakfast, I'd at least like bacon that isn't paper thin and breaks into a million tiny pieces when you bit down on it. I also don't want it served to me on a plastic plate, with plastic cutlery.
This place, the Adirondack Steak and Seafood Restaurant, was a far cry from plastic utensils. We had awesome local beers, prime rib, and other awesome food. What an improvement.


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