Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The other night, while cooking dinner, I was listening to the good 'ole CBC radio. It happened to be the first day of the Pickton trial out in BC, and the news report on it got rather graphic. I learned several details about what this deranged killer alledgedly did to/with his victims. I was disgusted.
I wrote CBC an email kindly asking them to tone down their reports. All I'd really like to know is the verdict at the end of the trial. I'm not on the jury. I don't need to hear every aspect of the trial. I got a response today from them. Well, from Jack Black, the Audience Relations rep. I almost thought it was spam at first, since I don't often get emails from Jack Black. I digress...

Anyway, the question lingers. What is appropriate, and what is necessary for the media to report in these cases?


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