Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Go Karts can be a tonne of fun. 10 of us filled a track on Monday morning, and had a blast. I lucked out and had a fast car which meant that I could do stupid things like run Carlo or Michael of the road, or let them by for the thrill of catching up again and passing... I couldn't stop laughing the whole 5 (6..7??)laps. It's so satisfying when someone tries to pass you and you close the door on them, forcing them to either slow down or eat it in the tire wall.
In highschool I worked at a go-kart track for a summer and I hated people who drove like me, because it meant extra work for me, fixing the tire walls, pulling people out of the ditch, etc.
After it was all done, we piled back into our two vehicles on the way to a cottage for the day. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but the two most aggressive drivers on the course were now driving two slightly larger more powerful vehicles.


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