Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Is anyone else just a little disturbed that not even a year after losing one of their own to an attractive 'across the floor cabinet post' that the new government, touting parliamentary reform and general good behavior and honesty as party pillars, has gone and done the same thing? Though I didn't vote for the new gov't, I had at least hoped that they would be a little more trustworthy than the old one. I'm especially glad I didn't vote for them for 'moral reasons'.

I'm in a ranting mood, so I'll continue. I haven't seen the Danish 'cartoons' that have set certain factions of the Islam faith into fits of rage, leading to several deaths, numerous injuries and large quantities of property damage. I do know what it feels like to have the central figure of my faith ridiculed and mocked. My university satire newspaper, The Golden Words, used to run a little section (they still may) called 'The Blasphemy Corner'. Some of the cartoons that ran in this section were hilarious, some were harmless and some were downright offensive. Should I have stood up to the GW editors in the same way that our Muslim brothers overseas are standing up to whoever may be slightly connected to anything remotely Danish? Or should I have followed the example of Christ who kept silent when mocked, who turned the other cheek when he was violently attacked?

I'm just thinking outloud. I'm allowed to from time to time. All I know is that I'm probably more disgusted right now by the people attacking aid agencies and buildings of the Danish government (and other European countries) than I am with a certain cartoonist who drew some offensive pictures.

Update: Rex Murphy is much more experienced at the art of 'rant' than I. Here's his take on one of the two items from above, the one that deals directly with Canadian politics.


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