Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pot O'Gold

Having a kinda mellow day. I've got some 'weakerthans' and some 'violet burning' playing in the background, just taking a short break from my work...
I'm not sure where I got this picture, probably some email from one of my co-workers. It's kinda profound, actually. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow often turns out to be a shitter. That's the pessimist speaking. The optimist would say that we took a picture of the wrong side of the rainbow. Experience has been a blend of both for me. There's been times where the dream that I've been chasing has been realized, and dreams where when I get to the end of the rainbow, I find myself in a smelly shitter.
I've been thinking about experience a bit lately, in a different context. From a theological perspective. How much of my theology has been shaped by personal experience, and how much of my theology has been shaped from a study of God's word? How do the two fit together? There's certain theological positions/experiences that I've been raised in, that I'm quite ok with. But, there's friends of mine that have been raised in other traditions, with different experiences, whether it be a method of worship, or when to be baptized, or how to preach the gospel, or how to exercise spiritual gifts. How much room is there for both of us to be 'right'? I won't go into any more depth yet, on this one.
Lotto 6/49 is a whopping $40 Million tomorrow. I paid my $2 idiot tax to a coworker, to be part of the office pool. Time to start planning what to do with my take. The guy in the next cubicle put in $15, so his take will be significantly larger than mine. I haven't even won yet, and I'm already complaining about people with more than me. Wow.
Speaking of money. This blog is worth $2,822.70. That's according to this website. Well, that's what it was worth before I wrote this post. I'm not sure if it'll go up or down after...
Here's a fun quote to leave you with, from Al Franken's book, 'The Truth (with jokes)', which comes out today:
Moral values: From what I understand, if you cut out all the passages in the Bible where Jesus talks about the poor, about helping out the least among us, you'd have the perfect container to smuggle Rush Limbaugh's drugs in.


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