Monday, October 24, 2005


So, I just had my first visit to a GM plant, specifically the Truck Plant in Oshawa. Fun times. We're bidding on a job there, and today was the mandatory bidder's meeting. It'll be fun, if we get it.
There was a group of university students waiting in the lobby with us, for the rest of their people to show up... One guy was directing the last group to the parking lot on a cell phone, and as they pulled into the 'visitor's' spot, the security guy wouldn't let them park there. She wasn't driving a GM product. What a bunch of snobs.
When I bought my car a couple years ago, a few people questioned me for buying a 'foreign' car. They stopped talking pretty quickly when I told them that my 'foreign' car was built right here in Ontario. Yah, that's right. I'm supporting the local economy. It's always fun asking people what kind of stereo or TV they have in their home when they question you on your 'foreign' car. It's more than likely a Sony or Panasonic, or some other 'import'. How many of their possessions have been bought at Wal-Mart, but made in China? Economics is an interesting topic, especially when tied in with Sociology and Politics. If I were to go back to university, I'd try and take some courses in those areas, just out of interest. It didn't really fit in the Engineering curriculum when I was there the first time. Although, we took a fun little class called 'engineering economics', which was more about mortages and long term loans and credit than anything else. Or maybe, just maybe, I'd take film.

If you like Star Wars, check this out.


Anonymous Anthony said...

My sister's fiance, Kevin, who works at GM was over this weekend and talked about this. The thing with foreign cars built here is that they still are made from parts built elsewhere (where it's cheaper, of course). Plus, shipping parts is less expensive than shipping whole cars.

Not that's there anything necessarily wrong with that. I think global trade is great if done right. Jeffery Sachs calls this "Enlightened Globalisation".

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