Thursday, March 08, 2007

CBC News: the fifth estate - The Lies that Led to War

I'm not normally an angry person. I'm usually pretty good natured, have an alright sense of humour, can laugh at most things - can be serious when I need to be. Last night was the first night in a long long time that I didn't have to do anything. So, I did my taxes (boring) and watched some basketball, 'house' (a re-run) and then caught a bit of 'the fifth estate'. CBC does documentaries well. Last night's was titled "The Lies that Led to War" about the lead-up to the current war in Iraq. It was hard hitting, and angering. It made me angry for so many reasons. One, it exposed the ignorance of the massess (myself included) at the background and context to the war. It talked about how when Bush mentioned that Saddam had used chemical warefare on his own people (killing approx 30,000) that the States were fully aware of it, and had supplied them with helicoptors and aid (financing) which was intended to help them in the war against Iran (this is all back in the 80's), but were aware that they would also be used for other purposes. It talked about how basically every other reason that Bush gave for going to war with Iraq was based on lies, bad information, or was itself a lie. It is very angering. The complexities of the Middle east are covered over by simplistic statements in the media and by government. It talked about how the media had abandoned it's post, no longer asking questions that need to be asked, but rather becoming the propoganda mouthpiece of the administration. Things are said by Bush, which basically say that if you are the voice of dissent you're a traitor - if you oppose the war - you're no better than them, "You're either with us, or you're with the terrorists". Well, if only it was that simple. I'd like to be with you, but who are you with? At one point in time you (the american gov't) propped up Saddam with aid. Now you're against him. Who are you propping up this time that a decade from now will be a feared dictator?
I'm quite honestly sick of the current Bush administration - I have been for a long time. But, will a change actually be a change? Even if he's impeached (he lied about more than an intern), will that change anything? It's hard to be an optimist in this. I don't understand how people still support this administration after all the lies they've told, after the war they started, after all the dead American soldiers, after all the wounded (emotionally, physically, and psychologically) soldiers, after all the dead Iraqi's, innocent civilians, Shi'ites, Kuurds, Sunni's...
I'm not with you, so I must be with the terrorists.
But, I'm not with them either. Mr. President, thanks for the identity crisis. Who am I with?


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