Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Why does Tim Horton's roll up the rim always seem to overlap with Lent?
For Lent this year I'm saying good-bye to two of my favorite beverages, coffee and beer. Honestly, it's gonna be rough. I'm nursing a slight coffee withdrawal headache presently.
I'm hoping that I don't accidentally 'forget' and just start sipping a cup of coffee at my desk at work (there's always a full pot within a couple steps of my cubicle...)
Well, lent starts today, but I managed to get two 'rolluptherim' cups yesterday whilst travelling for work. I won a doughnut with the first one, but, alas, the odds were against me for the second one. Lent basically assures me that I will not be winning a RAV4, a bigscreen TV or a BBQ.


Blogger re:todd said...

That proves it. Tim Horton is the antichrist. He's against lent.

I have a headache too for the same reasons Dave.

3:49 p.m.  

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